#4791: AI Scripts force alphabetical priority
        Reporter:  Prot              |      Owner:
            Type:  bug               |     Status:  new
        Priority:  normal            |  Milestone:  unspecified
       Component:  Engine: other     |    Version:  git/master
Operating System:  All/Non-Specific  |
 The problem is manifested in the creation of the game in single player
 mode and in multiplayer mode. As well as in autogame mode.

 AI Script has alphabetical priority and is added to the game
 The video shows an example of starting autogame mode with the settings of
 AI semperfi, but Nullbot has priority by letter and is added to the game
 instead of semperfi.

 Next is the addition of AI BoneCrusher mod, and since the word
 "bonecrusher "has priority over the letters" nullbot "and" semperfi",
 BoneCrusher is added to the game through the GUI menu, and through the
 autogame mode in the same settings.

 Video: https://youtu.be/K6dMdywCiwg

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