We are ForRent.com and we're looking for outstanding software engineers. We 
are a development team for the flagship division of Dominion Enterprises- a 
well-established Internet advertising company,  We help people find 
apartments. We run multiple sites receiving over 3 million unique visitors 
a month. 

Our company is primarily a PHP shop.  We're looking for people who a have 
an interest in API Development, SOA, Automation, Unit Testing, and 
Test-Driven Development. In addition to just running traditional big 
websites, projects focus on mobile websites, mobile apps, advanced search 
logic, SMS services, web analytics, reporting, automated testing, highly 
available systems, user experience, web services, data distribution, email 
marketing, search engine optimization and various administrative tools. 

As a Software Engineer, you will be responsible for developing new products 
provided to us by the business. It is up to our team of Software Engineers 
to digest the requirements, ask questions, and eventually build the 
products according to specs. In addition to building new products you will 
also be responsible for maintaining existing projects and assisting junior 

*Minimum Qualifications*

   - BA/BS or MA/MS Degree in Computer Science (In lieu of degree, five 
   years relevant work experience)
   - Advanced understanding of PHP
   - Advanced understanding of Object Oriented Design Principles
   - Experienced in developing and maintaining MVC applications
   - Experience with version control (SVN, GitHub)
   - Excellent communication and teamwork skills
   - Excellent time-management skills

*Preferred Qualifications*

   - Advanced experience working with Javascript, jQuery
   - Advanced experience with database systems (MSSQL, MySQL)
   - Experience in C#, Objective C, Java
   - Experience with Zend Framework

We value developing working software over comprehensive documentation. We 
hire motivated individuals, give them the tools they need and trust them to 
get the job done. Our meetings are focused on collaboration rather than 
process. There are frequent technical training sessions both internally and 
externally on proven technologies and new technologies. There are various 
user groups within the company that meet once a month. We also provide 
tuition reimbursement and a comprehensive benefits package including a 
generous 401(k).

If you would be interested in hearing more details, please contact me. If 
you are not in a position to consider a change or this position isn't right 
for you, please pass this information along to anyone else that you think 
could be interested. 

Please visit: 
http://www.previewmyvideo.com/partners/9/6/video/index.html?v=FRDEV640 to 
gain insights on how we operate and send your resume to 

Thank you for your time. 

David Raboin

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