*Web Developer*  (Full Time)
*Location:* Lanham, MD

Sigma Space is seeking a full-time web developer to fulfill a 
position located at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, 
Maryland. This position will be responsible for multiple websites central 
to the communication efforts of many NASA Earth Science organizations, 
missions, and projects.

The ideal candidate is a well rounded developer who is eager to learn and 
grow. We offer an exciting work environment, reasonably flexible schedule, 
and competitive benefits and salary. You will get to walk the halls with 
and work with some of the brightest minds in NASA science, and share the 
fruits of their labor with the whole world. You will be part of a team that 
is responsible for the maintenance and growth of multiple websites. Duties 
will include developing, testing, and maintaining PHP & MySQL-based, 
user-friendly web applications. You will also be given opportunities to 
share your creative ideas and development techniques with our larger NASA 


   - BS or higher in Computer Science, Information Systems or 
   web design/development or comparable degree/equivalent.
   - Five years experience in building commercial or government websites 
   and secure web applications.
   - Web application development with software/platform-independent 
   experience in: PHP-5.x, MySQL 5.x (including database design and 
   administration and query optimization), Javascript/jQuery, and CSS/HTML. 
   Object oriented experience a plus.
   - Proven capability to interact with customers to translate their 
   requirements into viable web sites.
   - Strong experience in creating dynamic, accesible, logical user 
   interfaces using the latest development techniques (AJAX, JQuery, HTML5, 
   - Solid track record of delivering successful websites and secure 
   web-based applications through full product life cycle.
   - Experience with Drupal, WordPress, or other content management systems.
   - Working knowledge of Photoshop and basic graphic design principles.
   - General understanding of user experience and user interface design.
   - Working knowledge of Subversion or other version control systems.
   - Strong written and verbal communication skills.
   - Ability to learn quickly, self-direct as part of a small team, 
   establish timelines, and deliver products within deadlines.
   - Experience working within a LINUX environment.


   - Experience with responsive design.
   - Knowledge of Apache HTTPD server configuration.
   - Web server security training (GWUX/GSIP, CISSP, or equivalent).
   - Experience in Python, Perl, and/or other languages.
   - Understanding of Web services and Web 2.0 technologies.
   - Understanding of section 508 requirements for accessibility.

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