Months ago I sent out a bill to watch, one that brought Net Neutrality 
to Washington State in what, if you read the bill, is nothing more than 
massive regulations for our industry and the state picking winners and 
losers over an Interstate product that they have no authority over.  I 
got responses from two WISP's yet there are over 100 people on this 
list, I figured you were going to contact your legislators on your own.  
Apparently you didn't care because it passed the house 95-4 so even the 
Republicans in your districts supported it.

I've already announced I will financially support anyone who opposes my 
house members based on voting for a bill that proves they don't support 
small business, I know they didn't read it or they would've seen the new 
regulations in an unenforceable bill that none of us can afford to 
challenge now that it's a state mandate.  In addition voting for this 
gives Governor Inslee the chops to brag how he passed the toughest Net 
Neutrality bill in the United States when he runs for President.

Basically I'm saying here that I have done my job as state coordinator 
to educate you and prepare you to have stopped this from the very 
beginning, now it's too late.  Apathy is deadly for your business and 
while we are all very busy building our businesses this bill badly hurts 
us.  If you still care there is still a bill out there allowing PUD's 
and Port districts to do retail Internet right over the top of you.

Sorry I'm frustrated that you aren't taking this seriously, look what 
you ended up with.

Forbes Mercy
Washington Broadband, Inc.
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