For speed settings you can set the speed like this:

ie.speed = :zippy

Speeds are :slow, :fast and :zippy

2008/10/21 bugs apple <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Push it forward for you again. And expect your replies.
> 2008/10/20 bugs apple <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>  Hi, all
>> After research into the Watir::IE class, I can get this clue that set up
>> @@speed and achieve her turning.
>> But, I want to get others more turning information, such as  what about
>> @@attach_timeout  or download time? what is more, I can't let this variable
>> as 0 so that get the rapid speed?  I want to consult with the experts the
>> her advantage and disadvantage, and how get the performance maxsize ?
>> Another question is that, how to generate the file_fields object, like
>> execute ie.show_tables?
>> For issues above, any suggestion are appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> -Wiston.
> >

Charley Baker
Project Manager, Watir,
QA Architect, Gap Inc Direct

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