I have the same issue on our website.
What I have done is to activate a separate thread which gets the url
of the page, then waits for 60 seconds and gets the url of the page
again. If the url's are the same (the same page is still loading), it
performs a browser.refresh
Not the prettiest way of solving this, but the problem is that
normally the page has to be loaded fully to for watir to continue with
the next line of code.


On Nov 25, 3:50 pm, Moochie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Occasionally I have a page that doesn’t fully load successfully.
> (sometime it waits for a image to be loaded that never seems to get
> loaded)
> I guessing this is a development issue, but I would like to create a
> way to by pass this so I can continue running the test case.
> My goal is continues automation, but it difficult when these types of
> error exist.
> Does anyone know a way to get around this issue?  Maybe disable the
> page load wait method?
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