Never mind. It worked.
[ie.text_field(:id, "create_id").value=(id)]

On Dec 30, 2:26 pm, sowmya <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to set value to a text field that takes in only numeric
> values.
> <INPUT class="validtxt" onkeypress="return CreateIssue_CheckKeyCode
> ('createissue')" id="create_id" value="" />
> I tried the following:
> id = "123"
> ie.text_field(:id, "create_id").fire_event("onkeypress")
> ie.text_field(:id, "create_id").set id
> But I get a pop up saying "Only numeric values allowed" three times as
> each digit of the id is entered. I even tried entering just 1 instead
> of 123 and I still got the same error pop-up.
> Anyone has ideas on how to get around this problem?
> Thanks
> Sowmya.
> P.S: I've just started using Watir. I looked through this forum to
> make sure my question isn't duplicated, but I couldn't find any
> answers. If you find that the question is already answered I apologize
> - please direct me to the right thread.
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