iTest2/Watir Recorder installation

Download directly
and save the file.
Depends on your browser settings, safest way is to go to, right click link "iTest2 / Watir
Recorder Plugin for Firefox 3", Select 'Save link as' to a file.

Follow the following simple instructions

Recorder does not record all operations (yet), such as 'button with
image', but from feedback, it certainly relieve you from a lot of
tedious work.

> how can i use watir scripts and itest2 recorder together

Here is what recorder generated,

 browser = Watir::Browser.start "";, "Downloads").click, "Install manually").click

You right click select 'Copy all', paste to a new file (say
'test_recorded.rb'), pre-append line "require 'watir'"

Here is the watir script file.

require 'watir'
browser = Watir::Browser.start "";, "Downloads").click, "Install manually").click

Run it from command line window (you shall have ruby and watir
installed of course)
> ruby  test_recorded.rb

iTest2 IDE installation

Follow 2 screencasts (about 1 minute each) to install and run your
first test.


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