This will print out the phone number in the cell:

puts @browser.cell(:xpath, "//i...@src='../images/

Note: just change @browser to the name of the browser object that
you're using.

Hope that helps...

On Mar 27, 12:53 pm, "Dennis I." <> wrote:
> I'm trying to display some text which is in a row.
> Here is a simplified version of the HTML code (I removed all
> irrelevant table rows):
> <table id="tbl_results" class="results" cellspacing="0"
> cellpadding="0" border="0">
>  <tbody>
>   <tr>
>    <td>
>     <ul>
>      <li>
>       <img class="phone_num" height="9" width="14" alt="telephone
> icon" src="../images/icon_telephone.gif"/>
>       (902)420-3567
>      </li>
>      <li class="whitespace">.</li>
>     </ul>
>    </td>
>   </tr>
>  </tbody>
> </table>
> Now I'll explain a little...
> The results have an unordered list ( under the <ul> tag) that
> contains: [1] Phone number and [2] Fax number. But only if they exist.
> In this example, the result contains a phone number, but not a fax
> number (the fax number is specified as whitespace).
> What I'm after is to check if these results have a phone number OR a
> fax number.
> Now all this info wasn't really necessary, but just to make it more
> clear to everyone.
> So here is my problem, how can I check that?
> I tried using   element_by_xpath(xpath).text   but it gave me an
> error:
>   Exception: undefined method `text' for nil:NilClass
> I basically just want to check if that row has a phone or fax number.
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