Maybe this speaks of my programming ignorance, but what exactly
constitutes a "test harness"?  I hear this phrase bandied about, but
I'm not sure I have a solid grasp of what this actually means.

I hope this isn't hijacking the thread, but I would really like a
better understanding.  I know with my scripts, I have modularized them
where I have html elements for each page of my app in a separate file,
then I have methods in another, test data in another (eventually I'll
use an Excel file).

Thanks in advance,


On Apr 28, 11:47 pm, JArkelen <> wrote:
> It wasn't broad criticism, it was just my 2 cents about combining test
> data and object data.
> Any attempt to develop a framework/directory structure/harness/
> whatever should be applauded, because it will make watir more mature
> and usable in my opinion.
> Cheers,
> John
> On Apr 29, 1:48 am, Chris McMahon <>
> wrote:
> > On Apr 28, 8:56 am, JArkelen <> wrote:
> > > No, I have my own framework/directory structure for my tests and I'm
> > > perfectly happy with it.
> > It seems hardly sporting to issue such a broad criticism and then
> > leave without an example.  :-)
> > I wrote this to illustrate some principles of UI-test design, such
> > that I could explain it to an audience in less than 30 minutes, not
> > knowing how sophisticated that audience might be.  It is intentionally
> > simple, and it is pretty much an imperative programming style.  If you
> > see a way to make it better while keeping it simple, I'd very much
> > like to see what you have in mind.
> > Also, I'm a pretty crappy OO programmer, so again, I would learn
> > something to see what changes you have in mind.
> > -Chris
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