Frame object is entirely different entity from $ie.
So, it does not navigate into a frame to find frame objects.
What you finding is expected behavior.

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From: MatchBook <>
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Sent: Wednesday, June 3, 2009 11:44:52 AM
Subject: [wtr-general] element search recursive?

I noticed that sometimes watir searches within its nested containers
for items, and sometimes it does not.  I would like to know the rules
by which it decides to do so or not.

For example, I noticed that in an page ',
"Advanced Search")' returned the same link as ',
"Advanced Search")' (here, table is a table element), which lead me to
believe that watir will search sub-containers for the item requested.

But when I was in the gmail web page, "ie.text_fields" returned a
different set of items than "ie.canvas_frame.text_fields" (here,
canvas_frame is a frame element), which puzzled me given my experience


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