Hi Pato,

I'm on Vista and using IE7.
This is the result of your code:
Beginning of test: Google search.
 Step 1: go to the test site: http://www.google.com
 Step 2: enter 'pickaxe' in the search text field.
 Step 3: click the 'Google Search' button.
 Expected Result:
  A Google page with results should be shown. 'Programming Ruby'
should be high on the list.
 Actual Result:
  Test Passed. Found the test string: 'Programming Ruby'.
Actual Results match Expected Results.
End of test: Google search.
>Exit code: 0
So its works fine for me.
I've used the tips on

And besides changing my ruby permissions to "run as administrator",
i've also changed the permissions of scite to "run as administrator".

The only problem is that you have the ugly "user account management"
screen (i'm not exactly sure of the title because I use a dutch
version of vista)
and always have to click on "allow" (same here; not sure; dutch
version) every time you start scite.


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