Hi pallavi,

This is srikanth from ACTi, pune,

try this one to click on calendar event date.

browser.div(:class, "calendar").cell(:text,"26").fire_event("ondblclick")

and also try the below to fetching data.

 days = browser.table(:class, "paramlist admintable").row(:text, "Display
Events the of the next ? days(modes 2 or 3 only)").cell(:class,
"paramlist_value").text_field(:id, "paramsmodlatest_Days").value

 daysno = days.to_s.to_i

  puts"Super can manage calendar config = #{daysno}"


On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 12:17 PM, Pallavi Sharma <write2pall...@gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi
> I have a problem and need some help for the same.
> I have a scenario in which a div tag contains a table and in which a
> calendar appears. Attached is the screen shot for the same.
> Now when we click normally on any date of the Calendar, the date gets
> highlighted but when i am trying to do the same using the watir script, it
> doesn't work. I dont understand the reason for the same.
> Can anyone here please help? Is it a third party control? Am i doing
> something wrong here.
> I can fetch the innerhtml , the text of cell but just cannot click on it.
> The script executes without any results?
> What to do??? Asked the developers, there is no event lurking behind.
> Thanks
> Pallavi.
> >

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