Alan Baird wrote:
>> What are you already using?
> Pretty much what you described.  I wrote a rails front end with some *very* 
> simple views and wrapped that around a restful interface that a client ruby 
> script can interact with.  All it does is sends down some arguments to the VM 
> that it uses to call a command line to run all sorts of tests (rasta, rspec, 
> test-unit, etc.).  The reason it's clunky is that the normal unit test tools 
> don't have good interfaces for reporting up the results of tests (unless you 
> are running ci or something like that).  There are tools that have HTML 
> reports (like rspec), but it requires some tweaking of the reports to get it 
> to integrate nicely with a webpage (a skill I don't have yet).
This is where hudson excels. You can also run tests manually through 
hudson (to answer the question you asked in a previous post). There is a 
"run now" button. I believe it is also scriptable.

Strongly urge you to take a look at it.


Bret Pettichord
Lead Developer, Watir,

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