On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 2:00 AM, b...@pettichord.com <bpettich...@gmail.com>
> I guess for now, I would say that people should be told that they can
> post questions in either location. There are very few people actually
> answering watir questions on stackoverflow right now. Basically it is
> just you Zeljko, although I did see Mark A make an appearance.

I am afraid if we do not push it, that change will not happen. I will add
Stack Overflow to support in the next few days, and we will see if it picks
up in the following weeks and months.

> I would like to revise the tone of our support page to be more like
> the cucumber page. I haven't really had the time for this, but maybe a
> couple of people could work on this. I guess the place to start would
> be what would you write in an email to a friend who was new to watir?

I will try to update one of these days, if nobody does it before me. A few
people said they would like to help. If you have some time, please do it
instead of me. I will do my best to help you with the wiki and all that if
you are new. I would rather spend more time in helping somebody learn how to
edit wiki than it would take me to edit it myself. I see that as investment
in future contributions.


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