Hi people! It's my first post here so let me knoe if I screwed it up
(is screw a regular or irregular verb?)

I will go directly to the grain:

I'm automating some things in this website http://uat.viajo.com.br/

I'm trying to click a date in the calendar, the one that says 'Data de
ida'. Ok, I can open the calendar perfectly and I also can move around
the months, but when i want to click some specific day in order to
select the 'Departure Date' watir seems to fail. It click it but the
date is not written in the text-field (as it should be).
I have try to acces the span elements in different ways but none of
these ways helped me.

Strange data: I try to print the span element and also i have flash it
and this worked perfectly... the problem seems to be only when watir
try to click that span element.

Here is my code so far:

require 'watir'

##open website
ie = Watir::IE.start("http://uat.viajo.com.br/";)

#click and open 'Data de ida' calendar
ie.div(:class=>'mainSprite buttonCalendarOn calendarImage').click

#select some specific day to set 'departure date'
a = ie.div(:class, /lastMonth/).div(:class, "daysGrid").span(:class =>
'selectable', :text => '12')

# this works well

# this also works well
puts a

# this doesn't work well! the calendar window is closed after
executing this line, but the date selected isn't written in the text-

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