And you're sure it's a Windows Authentication box like the one shown
at that link, and not a modal dialog or popup asking for credentials?
They are handled differently.

Have you tried any of the other solutions listed on that page?

Thanks again,

On Jan 19, 7:47 pm, xguarder <> wrote:
> Hi, I can't really share the site since it's a project still in
> development (hence why we have authentication to prevent outsiders
> from viewing the site).
> The code is pretty much just like the first example in the link above.
> I am calling handle_security_alert.rb from my main test exactly as
> done in the example, except for some changes in variable names.
> There actually is no error that is outputted. What happens is the OK
> button gets pressed a second or so after the popup appears. This works
> assuming I have logged into the site before, since IE can store
> previously used credentials. However, I would ideally like it to enter
> the username and password each time, which it seems to be skipping.
> Thanks!
> On Jan 19, 4:09 pm, AR <> wrote:
> > Howdy.  Can you please paste the relevant code and any errors/output
> > that you may be getting?  What exactly happens instead of the expected
> > behavior?  Also, if you're able to share the site that you're testing,
> > that might help.
> > Thanks,
> > Adam
> > On Jan 19, 4:07 am, xguarder <> wrote:
> > > I tried to handle an authentication popup using the first method
> > > listed at this 
> > > link...
> > > I am able to click on the OK button. However, it doesn't enter the
> > > username and password. The only reason I can get past the popup is by
> > > relying on the login credentials that IE has saved.
> > > Any reason why the entries for the first method above may not work?
> > > Any suggested methods that have been proven for this type of
> > > authentication popup?
> > > Thanks in advance!
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