Dear TAGS,
TVland showed the episode, The Mayberry Chef.
I love this episode, but...
It would of been much better for the tv station to have Aunt Bee come to the tv 
station early on a Saturday morning and tape 5 shows.  She would of been home 
watching them withAndy and Opie during the week.
When Aunt Bee was pouring Andy's coffee and shetold him that she wanted the 
lady let go becauseshe knew of a new cook, she had figured out thatAndy and 
Opie didn't have anybody cooking for them.
Had a young intern girl as a on camera young newlywed who was learning to cook. 
 The girl wouldof been her behind the scenes helper. When AuntBee couldn't find 
the big wooden spoon, she couldof said, Oh, I will find it Aunt Bee.  Then when 
she went over to her basket, the stage manager wouldof handed it to her and 
smiled!  lol
Aunt Bee was a natural on The Mayberry Chef. Shecould of had a book of recipes 
that she could of sold.They could of done this with a real recipe book. 
The way  Andy cooked the food was ridiculous. I was almost expecting Peggy to 
walk in and start getting the cloth napkins and candlesticks out because shewas 
there to help 2 poor helpless bachelors! 
Then oops! Helen calls and is coming over!  He hasto get Peggy out of there 
now. lol
That would of made a great episode.
He could of gotten food from the diner!  All he had todo was go by the diner, 
talk to the man that runs theplace and tell him in confidence what was going on 
andhe could of had 2 plates delivered to the courthouse ormet the delivery boy 
nearby. The reason why is becauseClara would see them and tell Aunt Bee. I 
wonder if Clara told Bee that she never saw Misses Parkins? 
I'm just daydreaming!  lol
But, I did love the way Andy and Opie went to the kitchendoor and Aunt Bee was 
in the refrigerator and she had thecarrots and was walking toward them and 
said, Hello, Sheriff Taylor, Opie, I'm the new cook!  Awe!  
Mizzes Why-Lee of Sand Mt.
Phil. 4:13  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.              
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