I would like to share with you folks a very interesting and heartwarming
experience I had about a week ago.  My wife and I were on our way to a car
show and we stopped at a stop light.  A car pulled up next to us and the
person in the car asked if we were going to the show.  They were heading
there too and the woman said she wanted to speak with me.  So we met up at
the show.  She worked at a group home which houses developmental disabled
adults and others with serious health issues.  She was wondering if I could
bring the squad car to a picnic they were having so I could show it to a
blind man who lived with them.  He had sight at one time and he really
loved old cars.  I agreed to bring the car and I told her I would get some
of my friends to bring cars too.

So this week seven of us took our cars to their picnic.  The blind man was
a big TAGS fan and when he had his sight he watched it all the time.
When he was brought over to my car I started describing it in great
detail.  I was told that he was very good at visualizing the cars that were
described.  I told him every detail about the car and he had the biggest
smile on his face the entire time.  I told him about the interior and I
would ask him if remembered certain things about the squad cars on
Mayberry.  I put the light on and described what it looked like and I
activated the siren.  That man just beamed the entire time.  He asked a lot
of questions, and I am convinced that he was able to recreate that vivid
image of the Mayberry squad car that he saw so many times all those years

Isn't it wonderful that TAG can still bring so much enjoyment to even
someone who is totally blind.  I am sure he really enjoys listening to TAGS
without having to "see" it.  I know, on occasion, I will put a DVD in and
just listen to an episode and it is so relaxing.  I can visualize
everything that is happening.

I have had 12 various eye surgeries so i have lost all my peripheral
vision. I also suffer from macular degeneration and double vision.  The
doctors say there is a good chance that I will lose all my vision some
day.  I do find great comfort knowing that if this should happen I will
still be able to enjoy TAGS.

Ken Anderson
The Mayberry Guru
2906 May Street
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701
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