Help with fan club.

How about an Indian gift exchange? Each person buys a gift, wraps t
it, and they are all put together on a table. Then, consecutive numbers are
put in a hat, one for each person. Everyone picks a number. Number one goes
first and  picks any gift. They then open it to let everyone see what they
have. Then number two goes next. They pick a gift, OR, they can take away
the gift from number one. If the gift is taken, then number one gets to
choose another gift and opens it. Number three goes next, Three can take
either opened gift, or get a wrapped one. This goes on like this until all
gifts are opened. Any gift can only be taken three times. At any time, if
you get a gift taken from you, you can take anyone elses opened gift as
well, or chose to open another.

Patty in CA
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