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There's only a couple tricky keys: SCRIPT_NAME, PATH_INFO,

(And of those, PATH_INFO is the only one that really matters, in that no-one really uses non-ASCII script filenames, and non-ASCII characters in Cookie/Set-Cookie are still handled so differently/brokenly across browsers that you can't rely on them at all.)

* I (re)propose we eliminate SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO and replace them
exclusively with encoded versions

For compatibility with existing apps, how about keeping the existing SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO as-is (with all their problems), and specifying that the new 'raw' versions (whatever they are called) are added only if they really are raw, not reconstructed.

Then existing scripts that don't care about non-ASCII and slashes can carry on as before, and for apps that do care about them, they'll be able to be *sure* the input is correct. Or they can fall back to PATH_INFO when not present, and avoid producing these kind of URLs in response.

(Or an app might have enough special knowledge to try other fallback mechanisms when the raw versions are unavailable, such as REQUEST_URI or Windows ctypes envvar hacking. But if the server/gateway has good raw paths it shouldn't bother use these.)

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