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> wrote:
>> On 6 Jan 2016, at 12:09 AM, chris.d...@gmail.com 
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>> As someone who writes their WSGI applications as functions that take
>> `start_response` and `environ` and doesn't bother with much
>> framework the things I would like to see in a minor revision to WSGI
>> are:
>> * A consistent way to access the raw un-decoded request URI. This is
>>  so I can reconstruct a realistic `PATH_INFO` that has not been
>>  subjected to destructive handling by the server (e.g. apache
>>  messing with `%2F`) before continuing on to a route dispatcher.
> This is already available in some servers by way of the REQUEST_URI value.
> This is the original first line of any HTTP request and can be split apart to 
> get the path.

Whoops. My foggy memory. REQUEST_URI is only raw path part, not the whole 
request line with method, protocol and path.

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