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> again. any server can do such implementation if we create a new Resource
> abstraction. This abstraction would expose a common api to read and write.
> The implementation would be specific to the server.
> Now like we have wsgi.thread I would instead suggest to add a system of
> capability or extension like in smtp, imap, ... so the servers that
> implement a specific extension can legally published it. Would it work for
> you?

I don't understand this 'any server can do it' thing. nginx for
example, has no actual socket per connection for the uwsgi backends:
the data is multiplexed over a dedicated uwsgi framing layer, and the
server is responsible for HTTP framing itself.

Sure, Python servers that have done listen() and accept() do have a
real socket to expose, but thats a small subset of the implementations
of WSGI>


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