After having had a fairly useful discussion with you all over the past few 
weeks, I’ve begun working on the next draft of the WSGI PEP, WSGI 1.1. This 
work is being tracked in a GitHub repository[0]. Currently, I’ve made a few 
changes directly on the master branch that I believe are editorial[1]: updating 
references and making linguistic changes.

So far, almost all non-editorial changes that have been proposed in this list 
I’ve made on branches and opened GitHub Pull Requests for. You can find these 
proposals here[2]. At this time, I’d like to call for people on this list who 
care to please offer their review on these proposed changes. You can view the 
changes by clicking into the specific pull request and evaluating the diff. The 
pull request should also include a short rationale for the change, or a 
description of it at the very least.

I’d also like to welcome others to propose changes that I have not yet drafted, 
or to propose changes to my drafts. Please use the standard GitHub Pull Request 
flow if you are happy with that model: if not, I’ll also accept emailed patches.

Please let me know what you think!



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