When I first started using MySql awhile ago (after having used Postgres 
longer) I was screaming mad all the time.  I absolutely hated MySql and the 
crap it put me through.  That was a few years back, and I can't quite 
remember what made me so mad.  Other than performance, of course.  I feel 
Postgres may have the upper hand in some areas of performance, but to be 
honest correctly "tuning" a DBS is such a difficult topic that few of us 
really master it.  I certainly never have.

My interest in MySql is purely because it is more widely available in the 
commercial server-for-hire world.  Left alone I probably would have happily 
continued using Postgres.

On Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 6:39:55 PM UTC-7, junde...@launchpnt.com 
> Joe, I'd be curious to know how you feel MySql performs in comparison to 
> Postgres.

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