Maybe you could better use more of the power of web2py.  Something like 

s = db( ).select(

or perhaps a bit longer,  something like this...

rows = db( ).select(

s = [r.course_title for r in rows]


On Monday, 19 September 2016 18:59:27 UTC+1, Meinolf wrote:
> Hi There,
> When i test the code below, for a list that is supposed to have multiple 
> items, i only get one result for the last item, did i miss something in the 
> for loop or anywhere else?
> for i in range(0, (len(getcourseids)-1)):
>             c =[i].item_id
>             s.append(db(c).select(db.item.course_title)[i])
> Any help will be appreciated.

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