Hey guys,

Excuse me if I'm missing something (or a lot), but I'm pretty experienced 
with web2py.

I have the following defined in my model:

>                 Field('forename', type='string', requires=IS_NOT_EMPTY()),
>                 Field('surname', type='string', requires=IS_NOT_EMPTY()),
>                 Field('studentId', type='string', requires=IS_NOT_EMPTY(), 
> unique=True),
>                 Field('barcode', type='string', requires=IS_NOT_EMPTY(), 
> unique=True),
>                 Field('email', type='string', requires=IS_EMAIL(), 
> unique=True),
>                 Field('bursary', requires=IS_IN_SET(['Free school 
> meals','Bursary','Disabled'])),
>                 Field('notes', type='text'),
>                 format='%(studentId)s'
> )
> db.define_table('bursary_entries',
>                 Field('barcode', 'reference bursary_users', requires = 
> [IS_IN_DB(db, 'bursary_users.barcode')]),
>                 Field('entry_date', type='datetime', default=request.now, 
> readable=False, writable=False),
>                 format='%(barcode)s'
> )

When I use the SQLFORM on a page, I can enter a barcode and it validates it 
(Fails if not in bursary_users, pass if it is). However, when I come to 
check the database, I'm getting a '0' (Althought it is hyperlinked to 
nothing) for the barcode value and a correct value for the entry_date.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Kind regards,

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