> I'm on my laptop now trying the jsfiddle code. Nothing is happening. I 
> suspect it may be the link I created. What do you think?
> Link in html:
> <link href="{{=URL('static', 'css/style.css')}}" rel="stylesheet" 
> type="text/css"/>
> I created a static named style.css an it appears at the bottom of the 
> static file.
> Css:
> .container{
> display:flex;
> justify-content:center;
> flex-wrap:wrap;
> align-items:center;
> }

Hard to say. Make sure the file is in /static/css/. Maybe use the browser 
developer tools to (a) check that the CSS file is being loaded, and (b) 
check the styles that have been applied to the img elements. For testing, 
you can always use an inline style. 

Note, you should probably put those styles on a class rather than directly 
on the img tag, as you probably don't want the same max width on all images 
everywhere in the app.


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