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Il giorno lunedì 21 novembre 2016 16:42:54 UTC+1, Martin de Groot ha 
> In a SQLForm all widget-controls of writable fields are nicely, correctly 
> vertically aligned with the preceding label.
> However, when one adds db.table.field.writable = False in the 
> contrller-action function the widget-control is correctly changed from an 
> input control to a read-only control, but the text of the field's value is 
> placed noticeably higher than the text of the preceding label.
> I have been looking into the html source code of the resulting page, to 
> see if I could figure out which style I could apply in an extra .css file 
> statement, but I cannot  find anything.
> I am sure many other users have observed this vertical alignment being too 
> high , especially if the text in the field is just on one line.
> I would very much appreciate it if anyone can suggest a solution for this. 
> Apart from making a custom form, which is a lot more work than using the 
> SQLForm generated code.
> Martin de Groot

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