Just to share a finding,

I was getting crazy with a simple installation of a new application on 
Windows Server and Internet Information Server. Many applications in 
production with no issues, I could upload any other application, but was 
getting the "unable to install application" with an specific application. I 
could discard any permissions problem because there where no recent changes 
in the server.
I could upload that application without problems in my development 
environment, in Ubuntu.

This issue was difficult to debug because with IIS you have no console to 
see the traceback.

Finally I resorted to make a tar xvcf with the .w2p file just to see what 
was inside. Then I could see the offending file. It was a broken link. When 
uploading the  package with the broken link in ubuntu, it could deal with 
it without problems. Seems that Windows Server and IIS can't manage it and 
the installation fails. I just needed to remove the broken link in my 
source folder, pack again the application and everything worked fine 
uploading in Windows/IIS. 

It's improbable that this happens again to anybody, but maybe someone can 
save some time with this post.

Best regards.

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