Thanks Massimo and I will be very interested to try a Vue.js example.

In the meantime,  I have experimented with Datatables some more.  I wrote 
my own sql and used executesql and then fed the entire resultset all at 
once into Datatables.  My rows are in the hundreds rather than thousands,  
but the usability of the app was totally transformed.  Once loaded,  which 
is also very fast,  the table responds instantly and searches and sorting 
are brilliant.  I just use a SQLFORM to add/edit records.  My staff almost 
cheered when they saw the new version,  and that underlines how frustrated 
they must have been with the old one. 

I know this may sound too critical of the grid,  as some obviously think it 
only exists for prototyping.  However,  we also need this kind of thing to 
work properly in production too.  IMO if a good usable method isn't 
available in web2py,  we should at least have an 'official' recipe using 
another recommended component. 

Best regards.

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