Thanks, I think you're right. But its working now, so I'll revisit it once 
the delivery heat is off.

Please, on the related topic of my other post, I'm I missing something by 
thinking I should be able to access the SAME mysql db both from web2py as 
well as a standard Python program, assuming the same version of DAL? 
In fact, the web2py app creates the db and uses it fine, but the standalone 
app claims it can't connect to it.

I haven't tried it, but what about 2 web2py apps? Can they access the same 
(mysql) db


On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 12:56:23 PM UTC-7, Anthony wrote:
> As I was developing the app, I realized that I was writing basically the 
>> same code over and over and over, just with slight differences, e.g. the 
>> table name, the criteria, the fields I wanted to return and their display 
>> order...
>> so a couple of dictionaries to define (1) the tableviews criteria and (2) 
>> ordered list of fields to return and the core becomes a small 
>> parameterization of basically the same db query - 10s of lines of code.
> Sounds like something you could handle by abstracting everything into a 
> special function and maybe using Python argument unpacking:
> db(db.table).select(*list_of_fields, **dictonary_of_named_arguments)
> Anthony

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