Yes you have many controller if you have for example index, show, delete, 
update ecc....but many files controller in folder is not a problem..for 
example you have the folder person with all file relates to person contact, 
address is not a problem to have many files because you have a 
logic order

On Friday, 9 February 2018 02:59:43 UTC+1, Anthony wrote:
> On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 4:00:48 AM UTC-5, Alessio Varalta wrote:
>> I have a new project and I have to choose if web2py is the right 
>> framework.
>> My doubt is about the structure of a web2py application.
>> You canno't have subfolder right?
>> So you can put the major of the code in the module and this is ok, but a 
>> the controller level you have:
>> Many and Many Controller in one files that can have nothing in common
>> or 
>> Many and Many files for multiple controller all in the root directory
> The idea is that a controller includes a set of actions that are somehow 
> related (in particular, a set of actions that you might want nested within 
> a particular URL path). If you took that approach, how many controller 
> files do you think you would end up with? What is an example module 
> hierarchy that you would want that you don't think you could achieve with a 
> reasonable combination of controller files, actions, and optionally URL 
> args within actions?
> Anthony

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