I've got a postgres server running which has been working fine the last 
month or so with no issues. 

I just added a new table in a model but cannot get the migration to work. 
Everything was updated correctly in the databases folder after doing this, 
and I've got 


...in all my table declarations and 


...in my DAL string. 

I tried trashing all the files in the databases folder (which were 
recreated properly by w2p, including making a new one for the new table), 
restarting postgres, and turning migrate and fake_migrate_all to either 
True or False. But I kept getting tickets with 'relation <table_name> does 
not exist' when trying to do an insert. Listing all the tables in postgres 
does not show the new table, so I'm thinking I'm probably missing something 
in a model. 

Thanks for any suggestions,

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