You don't want fake_migrate_all=True if you want to do a real migration -- 
that instead does a fake migration of all tables, meaning it generates the 
*.table metadata files in the /databases folder but does not actually do 
anything to the database. So, get rid of the *.table file of the table you 
want to create, make sure you do not have fake_migrate_all=True, and then 
run a request and the migration will happen.


On Monday, February 12, 2018 at 2:50:06 PM UTC-5, Jordan Ladora wrote:
> I've got a postgres server running which has been working fine the last 
> month or so with no issues. 
> I just added a new table in a model but cannot get the migration to work. 
> Everything was updated correctly in the databases folder after doing this, 
> and I've got 
> migrate=True
> all my table declarations and 
> migrate=True
> fake_migrate_all=True
> my DAL string. 
> I tried trashing all the files in the databases folder (which were 
> recreated properly by w2p, including making a new one for the new table), 
> restarting postgres, and turning migrate and fake_migrate_all to either 
> True or False. But I kept getting tickets with 'relation <table_name> does 
> not exist' when trying to do an insert. Listing all the tables in postgres 
> does not show the new table, so I'm thinking I'm probably missing something 
> in a model. 
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> -jl

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