On Friday, April 6, 2018 at 10:58:56 AM UTC-4, Lisandro wrote:
> Yes, in fact, I've been running that SQL command to check for locks, and 
> sometimes I see that lock on other tables, but that other locks live for 
> less than a second. However, when the problem happens, the lock on the 
> auth_user and web2py_session tables remains there for the whole 60 seconds.

Yes, but that doesn't mean the lock or the database has anything to do with 
the app hanging. The locks will be held for the duration of the database 
transaction, and web2py wraps HTTP requests in a transaction, so the 
transaction doesn't end until the request ends (unless you explicitly call 
db.commit()). In other words, the app is not hanging because the locks are 
being held, but rather the locks are being held because the app is hanging. 
First you have to figure out why the app is hanging (it could be the 
database, but could be something else).


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