On May 25, 2007, at 4:07 PM, Nathan Duran wrote:

I'm on record as accepting of, but not agreeing with, this argument ;)

Well it makes at least as much sense as the Contextual Menu Manager API's
continued existence does :)

It strikes me as rather silly to protest giving free reign to plugin
developers in the interest of maintaining some territorial sense of purity (that QuickTime vs. PNG argument is pretty flimsy) when all it does is force said developers to craft even dirtier solutions--such as the rampant abuse
of Input Managers.

It's not just sense of purity - the browser makes assumptions that certain types will be handled directly and counts on this to give a consistent user experience and for its internal workings. Pretty much all browsers reserve their built-in types. Many plugins mistakenly claim built-in types, since other browsers ignore that, and content would break in Safari if we don't do it right.

Anyway, if you are trying to change context menus from a custom WebKit app you don't have to use any hacks, there is an API for it (WebUIDelegate).


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