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I'm fairly sure this would be easy enough for MSVS because of its XML nature. In fact, I did things the opposite way (converted MSVS XML -> Bakefile) when I first started adding in the wx port, so that we kept up-to-date with any changes to the common files. (As a side effect of this, the wx port files are grouped by category rather than just being a long list.) The tricky part AFAICT would be XCode, though, because even if there is a scripted solution for this, it would probably need to be run on a Mac where we have access to AppleScript or some other scripting tool that can read and make changes to XCode projects... (Bakefile can write XCode project files, but it can't read them in.)

Though still, even if we couldn't automatically update the XCode Project file in all cases, we'd be left with making the same change at most twice, as I think every other build tool uses a plain text- based or XML format. Also, if the script wasn't able to update the XCode Project file for whatever reason, we could have it either spit out a warning or even add a warning into the ChangeLog entry that the XCode Project wasn't updated with the file change.

Another interesting point for CMake is its ability to generate XCode project files (dunno if it is also able to generate MSVS files but if they are XMLs, I don't see why it shouldn't/couldn't)

Why is that useful?

- Mark

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