I'm currently working on the MathML3 implementation and I noticed that new XML 
entities have been defined by the W3C:

They are supposed to be used by both HTML 5 & MathML 3.

I would like to include them in WebCore/html/HTMLEntityNames.gperf.
However there is one conflict with the existing XHTML 1.0 entities: \rangle 
(and \langle) doesn't point to the same Unicode character in XHTML 1.0 and HTML 
5 entity definitions.
For instance, U+27E9 ("⟩") instead of U+3009 ("〉").

There are two possibilities:
- either update WebCore/html/HTMLEntityNames.gperf and overwrite the two 
conflicting cases with the new standard, but it won't respect the XHTML 1.0 
specification anymore.
- or use two sets of HTML entities depending on the DTD of the document. It 
would be the cleanest way, but I don't know how to make WebCore handle two such 

I think the best solution is the second one, but I'll need help to make WebCore 
handle two entity sets and switch depending on the DTD. It is outside of my 
present skills.

François Sausset
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