I just saw that when looking at the code by myself.
What do you exactly mean by a prefix tree?

I also noticed that the entity parser does not take into account combined 
Unicode characters (see §A.3 in: http://www.w3.org/TR/xml-entity-names/).
In addition, even without entities, combined characters are displayed as 
separate ones.

François Sausset

Le 10 juil. 2010 à 21:00, Adam Barth a écrit :

> Implementing MathML entities is not as easy as adding them to
> HTMLEntityNames.gperf.  The problem is our entity parsing code (both
> the legacy entity parser and thew new HTML5 one we're using) assumes
> that all named entities are <= 8 characters:
> http://trac.webkit.org/browser/trunk/WebCore/html/HTMLEntityParser.cpp#L194
> Rather than just bumping up that number, we need to change the data
> structure we use to store entities.  Instead of a perfect hash, we
> should use a prefix tree.  In order to parse entities correctly
> according to the spec, we need to know whether a given string is a
> prefix of a named entity, which is what the prefix tree would tell us.
> Adam

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