Le 20 juil. 2010 à 18:30, Antonio Gomes (:tonikitoo) a écrit :

> Again, maybe something like http://gitorious.org/qtwebkit/testfonts as
> QtWebKit does for the exactly same propose?

But, with that method, fonts should be locally included on all test machines 
and as MathML implementation should be testable on all platforms, all build 
bots should include them locally. And I'm not sure it could be possible.
Perhaps the build bots maintainers could answer?

Once again, it does not solve the license problem when fonts are included in 
the DumpRenderTree binary as Maciej Stachowiak said.
I think that CSS font-face is right now the only clean workaround for licensing 
And, as Alex said, we have to find a persistent location for the fonts.

François Sausset
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