Continuing color management discussion,  it would be great  to get
advice for some of the questions I have before starting coding up.

There are already some libraries to parser and convert icc profiles.
One of them is little cms[1] and it's being used by many applications,
specially because it is simple and works with specifications version 2
and 4.

However, after looking at how WebKit deals with externals
dependencies, I had the impression that they are tried to be avoided
as much as possible, and due to that, some tools end up being written
from scratch(like SVG, MathML, image decoders, and other parsers).

Now we have two possible paths:

a) use an external dependency(littlecms for example);

b) write from scratch all the ICC Profile specification;

What do you guys think what the best approach?

[1] http://www.littlecms.com/
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