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>> interface SVGViewSpec
>>  {
>>   readonly attribute SVGTransformList transform;
>>   readonly attribute SVGElement viewTarget;
>>   readonly attribute DOMString viewBoxString;
>>   readonly attribute DOMString preserveAspectRatioString;
>>   readonly attribute DOMString transformString;
>>   readonly attribute DOMString viewTargetString;
>> };
>> SVGViewSpec implements SVGFitToViewBox;
>> SVGViewSpec implements SVGZoomAndPan;
>> SVGFitToViewBox and SVGZoomAndPan are both NoInterfaceObjects.
>> I hope that I am not mistaken and that this is not what you mean with 
>> QueryInterface.
> Since they're NoInterfaceObjects we can just merge the idl into the file in 
> WebKit or use Supplemental in WebkitIDL. You've written it with multiple 
> implements to be DRY in the WebIDL, that's not a problem for WebKit.
> See: HTMLInputElementFileSystem.

As far as I understood it, HTMLInputElementFileSystem extends HTMLInputElement. 
In WebIDL it would be:

HTMLInputElement implements HTMLInputElementFileSystem;

The problem is that SVGFitToViewBox and SVGZoomAndPan of the example above are 
implemented by a lot of other interfaces as well. Supplemental is just supposed 
to be set once per interface. That is why Supplemental doesn't work for SVG. 
The alternative would be to implement the attributes and operations of 
SVGFitToViewBox and SVGZoomAndPan into every class that implements them. This 
would be a lot of code copies. And these are not the only interfaces that would 
need to be merged.

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