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> The problem is that SVGFitToViewBox and SVGZoomAndPan of the example above
> are implemented by a lot of other interfaces as well. Supplemental is just
> supposed to be set once per interface. That is why Supplemental doesn't
> work for SVG. The alternative would be to implement the attributes and
> operations of SVGFitToViewBox and SVGZoomAndPan into every class that
> implements them. This would be a lot of code copies. And these are not the
> only interfaces that would need to be merged.

That's an issue of being DRY though, which we can certainly solve in
WebKit. I don't think Adam has an issue with extending webkit IDL to help
with that, or at least I'd hope not.

We could probably use multiple inheritance in C++ and copy/paste the idl
defs, or add some new IDL feature for it.

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