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>> > Ah, When I made a new patch, had doubts about the file name
>> "Deprecated".
>> > So, I have to wait the "StyleBuilder" Class to have a clear form.
>> On this regard, some input from Dirk Schulze could probably be very useful
>> as guidance here, as he was the original author of the commit where this
>> class got deprecated[1].
> It is a work in progress to clean the StyleBuilder.
>>  > Also, I'm waiting for the community to conclude this discussion.
>> Me too.
> Honestly, I am concerned that no one in favor of this feature is a regular
> contributor.
> The feature does not seem very invasive so if some people really invest
> time in maturing this, it could be worth experimenting with this and
> provide feedback to the W3C working group.
> I think everything should be behind a feature flag, and have the -webkit-
> prefix. As usual with experimental features, you will have to remove it if
> it turns out the experiment is not successful.

I wouldn't characterize the nav-* properties as experimental, given their
fairly widespread implementation among Television oriented profiles of
HTML/CSS, going back at least to 1999 [1]. See also specifications from
2001 and 2003 [2][3].

As such, it seems somewhat questionable to use a -webkit- prefix.


[2] http://www.atsc.org/cms/standards/a100/a_100_2.pdf
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