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> There is support for C++11 on Windows Embedded Compact 2013 using the newer 
> VC11 compiler, but for CE 5, 6, or WEC 7 they will not be able to support it 
> since they are limited to the VC9 compiler. Afaik there doesn’t appear to be 
> any plans from Microsoft to back-port the newer compiler and run time to 
> support older versions of CE.

That’s too bad.  Can you give me an idea of how big a ‘market’ we are talking 
about for these older OS releases?  Are these targets likely to need or benefit 
from access to a ToT WebKit build?

> I realize that CE 5, 6, and 7 are probably not top priorities for the 
> community, but these changes will basically force dropping support for those 
> platforms. We do have some interest in keeping WebKit working for our 
> downstream build, so if it’s possible to make this change over to using C++11 
> in a way that can allow for building without the new features that would be 
> ideal. If there is anything we can do that help make this happen let me know.

I think the goal is to (at least initially) conditionalize the use of various 
C++11 idioms.  But I think we will soon reach a critical mass where we will 
assume the compiler supports the newer language constructs.


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