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> I'm not Geoff, yet I'd like to offer my perspective on the specific examples 
> you provided.
> 03 янв. 2014 г., в 4:12, Antti Koivisto <koivi...@iki.fi> написал(а):
>> auto& cell = toRenderTableCell(*renderer); // right
>> RenderTableCell& cell = toRenderTableCell(*renderer);  // wrong
> I can't agree with this example. With auto, I don't know if it's a raw 
> pointer, a reference, or a smart pointer (we have toXXX functions that return 
> all of those). I also cannot Cmd+click on anything to go to the class 
> definition, and when I Cmd-click on toRenderTableCell, I presumably get into 
> some unreadable macro.
> Overall, auto makes the code very opaque here.

I agree. I think use of auto makes code you’re unfamiliar with much harder to 
follow, and makes getting to the type declaration one more Command-click away. 
Better tools integration would help; if I could hover over the “auto” had have 
Xcode show me, in a tooltip, what type the compiler will infer, then I’d be 
more willing to see wider use of auto.


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