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>> However I also feel the "harm" here is debatable enough that people working 
>> on/reviewing the code should make decisions instead of there being a project 
>> level dictate. It is a new thing, the appropriate usage hasn't yet settled 
>> and people should be allowed to experiment.
> The experiment has been going on for some time now. We have over 1000 unique 
> uses of “auto” in the codebase. I think it’s time to clarify and collect what 
> we’ve learned.
> One reason I’m eager to produce a guideline is the patches I’ve seen Andreas 
> writing. A whole new kind of pointer in one of the most error-prone pointer 
> areas of our codebase (as measured by security exploits) deserves a clear 
> guideline for readability and understandability.

I agree that RenderPtr<T> should be used explicitly instead of auto at this 
time. I’ll adjust the code.

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