>>> If I had to describe this algorithm in English, I’d say, “Collect and 
>>> retain all the [auto] from the list of parsed parameters.” I think that 
>>> explanation would be stronger if “[auto]” were a concrete noun.
>> The variable and the function are both named pattern and I would use that as 
>> the noun.
> Question for Geoff or anyone who knows: is it contextually useful to know 
> that it's specifically a "DeconstructionPatternNode*" beyond knowing that 
> it's a "pattern”?

For me, knowing that it’s a “DeconstructionPatternNode” tells me where to go in 
source code to find out more. Namely:

- Why do we need manual reference counting here? (Answer: 
DeconstructionPatternNode allocates variable-sized storage within itself, and 
aliases that storage as untyped memory.)

- Is this normal reference counting, or something weird? (Answer: 
DeconstructionPatternNode inherits from RefCounted<DeconstructionPatternNode>, 
so this is normal reference counting.)

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