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> >> What I'm saying is that we can implement it in JavaScriptCore for
> >> performance and we still make it look like a regular DOM object with
> >> wrappers to preserve the semantics.
> >
> > I understand that, but given that it is in the JavaScript engine at
> > that point, they cannot realistically standardize on a different
> > abstraction later on. And I got the impression typed arrays caught
> > them off guard, so giving them a heads up this time around might be
> > good.
> Blink is slowly moving the DOM into the JS engine. That doesn't make the
> DOM part of ECMAScript or needs approval of TC39. I do not think that typed
> arrays can be compared to DOMPoint or DOMMatrix. But DOMPoint to the plans
> of implementing DOM in JSC.
> I am interested in implementing the geometry interfaces into JSC. I wonder
> if we could generate the code from IDL as well. I do not think that this is
> possible with our code generators today. Is it?

I bet we can make sufficient improvements to our code generator such that
these objects are as fast as pure JavaScript objects but I don't think it
does so today as far as I looked at.

- R. Niwa
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